Friday, September 5, 2008

Proof that I need to lose weight.

So we took the kids to have their pictures taken and while they were all deciding which pictures and what sizes to order, Joel and I just sat and waited.  I decided since it was the only chair left in the vicinity of where we were sitting that the "child's" green chair would be perfect.  Bad idea.  When I turned to grab something a not so quiet crack came from underneath.  I looked at Joel and we both began to laugh.  At that point, I decided standing was a much better option.  This is proof of my story.  

The latest vacation!!

Addi and I just returned on Monday from a 10 day trip to Oregon to visit Brandon's family.  We had a really good time, these are a few of the things we did while we were there...

We went to Phantom of the Opera, it was amazing.  I hadn't seen it in thirteen years.  It was incredible and I loved it.  Thanks for taking me Kellie.
Addi had so much fun coloring with Aunt Nichole.  She was quite a pal to her along with uncle Cody whom Addi fell in love with the first day we were there and when he came around, no one else existed.  It was pretty cute!

Part of the reason we went was to celebrate my father in law's 50th birthday.  We planned a surprise party, John Deere theme and man was he surprised.  It was awesome!

This is proof that I can handle some outdoors in small doses.  One day we hiked to Susan Creek falls.  Addi played in the cold water and she loved every minute of it.  I do admit it was very beautiful.

We swam in the hot tub, or in Addi's case the "hot pool"  She loved playing with the jets and it was perfect height for her to walk around in it.  She loved it.

And last, but not least we went to the park to get all the wiggles out.  Thanks Uncle Joel for pushing her on the swing and taking her to throw rocks.  

We had a great time and it was a lot of fun to be with family.  Next time though, we will have Brandon with us and that will make it even better.